Friday, January 3, 2014

Biolite by the Sea...any self-respecting high tech redneck must avail themselves of phone and internet communications while lounging on a deserted island

 First, find the deserted island of your choice, then gather up the required will need more than you think. Fill up the Biolite and turn on the fan and start the fire. Won't take long to get it going, somewhat longer to get it up to 'charging strength'.

Once you get it going, put on your handy dandy grill tray which fits right over the firebox. Oh yeah, it also helps if you have caught a few fish on the way out to your deserted island but any wild life with protein as a major component of it's carcass will do.
Be prepared to drop a lot of twigs and wood into the fire box.

So here we are...happily grilling a fish fillet, green lights on the Biolite dashboard, must be time to finish the deal.

And here we gooooo. Charging the phone(notice the red light at top right corner) while we finish cooking our fish fillet.
Honestly tho, we'd have to spend some more time feeding the firebox if we wanted to fully charge the phone but why quibble, just enough of a charge to send the pics you took of it to Facebook or where ever you wanted them to go would be enough.
It is really your intent to turn your friends green with envy at your mastery of High Tech Redneckism that you are interested in anyway!
Beat that! I double dog dares ya!

la la la

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